Saturday, August 13, 2011

If Jesus is God

‎1. If Jesus is God ... how can God die? (Who was running the universe those three days that Jesus was dead?)
2. If Jesus is God ... was he praying to himself?
3. Since Jesus has a God, how can he be God himself?
4. Is Jesus God because he did mighty miracles?
5. Jesus says that the Father is greater than he is, proving that he is not God.
6. Jesus said that all authority was GIVEN to him ... which means that Jesus cannot be God.
7. How can Jesus be God, when he calls the Father the only true God?
8. If Yahweh alone is the Creator, and Jesus a servant sent by him, how can Jesus be God?
9. How can Jesus be God when he will be in eternal subjection?
10. How can Jesus be God when he denies being all-powerful?
11. Jesus wept, slept, was hungry and thirsty, but God never sleeps, thirsts or hungers
12. Did Jesus become the Son of God only through his virgin birth?
13. The Bible says that God cannot be tempted, yet Jesus is said to have been tempted ...
14. If Jesus really is God how could Satan tempt him?
15. How can Jesus be God when he says that only God is good?
16. Whoever is good, is also God?
17. How can Jesus be God when the Hebrew Bible says God is not a man?
18. God has many sons who are not divine. Why then would Jesus be?
19. Since God cannot change, but Jesus did, how can he be God?
20. Why did the Son die? (If God so loved the world, why did he not come himself to die for us?)
21. Jesus allegedly emptied himself of Deity, which is impossible for God to do
22. What does it mean that Jesus was made Lord?
23. How can Jesus be God if he is given the name Lord only at his exaltation?
24. Does being called "Kyrios" really imply Deity?
25. Is the Savior necessarily God?
26. Doesn't Jesus' calling "belief that God is One" the greatest command disprove that he believed in the Trinity?
27. Doesn't the Bible (also) present Melchizedek as possessing divine attributes?
28. Paul says there is only one God, and that is the Father, this means that Jesus is not God.
29. Since the Bible states that God has never been seen, Jesus cannot be God!
30. Doesn't Jesus say that the Spirit does not know everything? How can he then be God?
31. Did God want Christ's followers to be called Christians?
32. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree for not bearing fruit, although it was not even fig season?
33. Did Jesus deny the ascension of Elijah and Enoch?
34. Did the Jews Misunderstand Jesus?
35. Does the Apostles' ability to forgive sins imply their deity, too?
36. Since Baptism is "for the forgiveness of sins", does that not imply that Jesus was a sinner?
37. What about God commanding the annihilation of the Amalekites?
38. Why did Matthew not record even a single one of Jesus' "I AM" Sayings which are found in John's Gospel?
39. Why did Jesus never say, "I am God, and there is none else"?
40. Was Jesus a created being after all?
41. Did Paul slander the Law?
42. Did Jesus claim that salvation comes from observing the Law?
43. Doesn't Ezekiel 18 show that God does not require perfect obedience but expects us to sin?
44. God's Promise to Abraham's Offspring: Singular or Plural?
45. Doesn't the Bible degrade women, placing them on the level of animals and possessions?
46. Should or should we not trust a/the son of man?
47. How can the Bible be inspired when it contains passages that are merely Paul's personal opinion?
48. Isn't Muhammad "that prophet" awaited by the Jews and announced by John the Baptist?
49. If being called God proves that Jesus is the Almighty wouldn't the same hold for Moses?
50. What about 2 Corinthians 4:4?

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